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Chai Blocks

Chai Blocks are the fundamental components of the Chai Builder, serving as the core elements for Chai Builder Apps. These blocks are React components that developers can create, register, and utilize within the Chai Builder environment.

Default Blocks

Chai Builder comes with a set of default blocks designed to facilitate the creation of websites. These default blocks are included in the starter package and can be found in the chai-blocks folder. They serve as a solid starting point for developers, who are encouraged to modify them according to their specific project requirements.

Available Default Blocks

  1. Box
  2. Text
  3. Rich Text
  4. Image
  5. Button
  6. Link
  7. Video
  8. List
  9. Form
  10. Input
  11. Select
  12. Checkbox
  13. Radio
  14. Textarea
  15. Table
  16. CustomHTML