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Slot Control

Slot control is a special control that allows to render other blocks inside it. It is useful when you want to create a block that can contain other blocks inside it. For example, Accordion block can contain AccordionItem blocks inside it. Slot control is also used to create Layout block.


import { Slot, registerChaiBlock } from "@chaibuilder/blocks";
const YourBlock = ({ accordionContent, accordionTitle }) => {
return <Accordion>
<AccordionTitle title="Item 1">
registerChaiBlock(YourBlock, {
type: 'YourBlock',
label: 'Your Block',
category: 'Basic',
props: {
accordionTitle: Slot({ name: 'Accordion Title'}),
accordionContent: Slot({name: 'Accordion Content'})


  • name - name of the slot. It is used to identify the slot when rendering the block. It is also used to display the slot name in the Chai Builder UI.