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Registering a data provider

To register a block with the Chai Data Provider, follow these steps.

import { registerChaiDataProvider } from "@chaibuilder/blocks";
registerChaiDataProvider("hero_content", {
name: "Hero Content",
description: "Homage page hero section content",
// Used at build time. Required
dataFn: async (_args: Record<string, any>, currentUrl: string) => {
await fetch("")
.then((response) => response.json())
.then((json) => {
return json;
// used inside builder mode. This is optional
mockFn: async (_args: Record<string, any>) => ({
heading: "Welcome to Chai Builder 🚀",
"Chai Builder is a tool to build chai tests. It is built on top of Chai and Chai Builder Blocks.",


  • Unique name - string - The unique name of the data provider. This is used to identify the data provider in the Chai Builder App.
  • Options - object
    • name - string - The readable name of the data provider
    • description - string - The description of the data provider
    • dataFn - function - The function that returns the data. This is used at build time. User can fetch data from any external source and return it.
    • mockFn - function - The function that returns the mock data. This is used in the builder mode. THis is useful to avoid making external API calls in builder mode.