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Link Control

Link control allow user add a link. It has two properties href and target. href is a string and target is a string or a Chai Builder block.


import { Link, registerChaiBlock } from "@chaibuilder/blocks";
const YourBlock = ({ link }) => {
return <div>
<a title="Link" href={link.href} target={}>Open Link</a>
registerChaiBlock(YourBlock, {
type: 'YourBlock',
label: 'Your Block',
category: 'Basic',
props: {
link: Link({
title: "Link",
default: { type: "page", target: "_self", href: "" }


  • default - Default value for control.
  • title - Title of control visible in Chai Builder block settings panel
  • binding - Binding flag for control. Default value is true. If false then control will not be visible in binding panel.