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Chai Builder has two primary packages:

Terminal window
1. @chaibuilder/sdk
2. @chaibuilder/runtime


This package is the core of Chai Builder. It contains the core functionality of Chai Builder i.e the Visual builder component.


The @chaibuilder/sdk package has the following sub-packages:

Terminal window
1. @chaibuilder/sdk/lib
2. @chaibuilder/sdk/render
3. @chaibuilder/sdk/server
4. @chaibuilder/sdk/ui
5. @chaibuilder/sdk/studio


This package contains api for registering custom blocks and registering data provider and controls


The @chaibuilder/runtime package has the following sub-package:

Terminal window
1. @chaibuilder/runtime/controls

More information about the sub-packages can be found in the API references section.