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Quick Start

Getting started

Step 1:

Create a free app on Chai Builder and get the Auth token & app key. This works as a backend service for your app.

Step 2:

Run the following command in your terminal. This command will create a new Next JS project in a directory called my-app with Chai Builder installed.

Terminal window
npx chaibuilder-app my-app
Step 3:

Add the environment variables in .env file from step 1.

Terminal window
Step 4:

Navigate to the newly created directory, install the dependencies and start the development server.

Terminal window
npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser. and goto http://localhost:3000/admin to access the admin panel.

Step 5:

Login to the admin panel using the credentials you provided in step 1 and start building your website.

Happy Building!